Friday, April 25, 2008

Aquifer and American Social History Online at DLF Spring Forum

There was a flurry of Aquifer and American Social History Online activity at DLF Forum in Minneapolis this week. The DLF Board meeting before the Forum included an open discussion about Aquifer's future. Will DLF have a continued interest in Aquifer elements that have been well received by the digital library community, such as the MODS Guidelines and asset action work? If so, what might DLF support look like? Might some of the work be picked up in other activities and initiatives such as Bamboo while other pieces transition to other organizations for ongoing maintenance? While nothing was settled, several people stated that it would be worth keeping an existing sandbox rather than starting again from scratch. We'll also be developing an open and transparent process (but lightweight!) to encourage an organization or organizations with service capacity to take over hosting for American History Online next year.

Several people twittered about asset actions during the BoF. People are beginning to see what kinds of services can be enabled if asset actions are available and were interested in asset actions as an implementation of OAI-ORE. It might be interesting to experiment with generating asset actions as a service for data providers, making them available for harvesting so they could be deployed in the local environment as well as the aggregation.

The panel on agile development sparked some comments too. People were especially enthusiastic about the Google maps mashup on the development server that will go live in a few weeks. The Technical Advisory Group that keeps us on track congratulated the team for scoping the project in a way that allowed us to develop useful and interesting services. It was a good meeting, despite the snow flurries early in the week!

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